Branding & Graphic Design

Do you have an identity for your brand or business? One of the most difficult phases in the startup process is branding. And we understand that. Because branding is a company’s personality, we take the time to understand exactly how to reflect your company’s identity to your customers.

Logo Design

A simple, modern logo from an experienced designer

Brand Identity

Your brand’s personality reflected in typography, colours and icons

Graphic Design

Professional design for presentations and printing

Website Design

Do you have a business idea or a brand new startup? Make your company accessible to everyone. We build beautiful, simple, and user-friendly websites. Our websites are responsive to different screen sizes including mobile. Startup Underdog builds websites that are unique to you, reflecting your brand to your customers.

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web development


A professional website for your business


Consistent on tablets, desktops and phones


User-friendly to update and add new content


Promote and sell your products online

online marketing

Online Marketing

Are you looking for a way to reach your customers? Having a beautiful website and an awesome product is great for your business, but irrelevant if nobody can find you. Startup Underdog bridges that gap by offering online marketing through Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, making sure your customers are able to find you.

Social Media

Marketing on social media platforms


Search Engine Optimization

Content Writing

Concise and effective messaging for your website

Google Adwords

Pay per click advertisement on Google

Email Marketing

Design and content for newsletters

Analytics and Reporting

Are you curious to find out where your customers are coming from? Find out where they’re coming from, what they love about you and why they love it so much. At Startup Underdog we offer a range of analytics and reporting options as well as easy-to-read dashboards that are updated in real time.


Google Analytics

Creating an account and implementing analytics on your website

Social Media Analytics

Implementing a tracking system for social media platforms

Dashboards & Reporting

Real-time updates and reports on all analytics in an easy-to-read dashboard

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