Free Hair Salon Mockup

Before committing to anything, try out a free demo of what your website can look like. Keep in mind this is NOT the finished project. This is strictly a sample concept used to give you an idea of the quality you will be receiving. To take full advantage of the Free Demo, please provide us with as much information as possible. You will receive the mockup within 5 business days of filling out this form.

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We offer our Hair Salon clients two different payment options for the package below.

This is split into two payments; 50% upfront and the remainder when you receive the finished website. This package includes 25% off any of our monthly marketing services.

This is split into six payments; 50% upfront and the remainder over 5 biweekly payments of $225. This package includes 15% off any of our monthly marketing services.

Included Features

Web Design
The way your site looks tells users whether they want to do business with you in just a fraction of a second. One glance can turn someone into a customer, or force that person to click away.

Responsive Websites
are consistent across all devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops. More importantly, your website will be user-friendly, higher ranked with search engines and more likely to have conversions than a website that’s not responsive.

Your customers will no longer have a hard time finding you. We ensure your business will have all the components of an amazing online presence.

With our expertise, your Google presence will improve instantly and new customers will be able to find you, all of your contact information, working hours, location, social media accounts and reviews right away.

Contact Form
Your website will have a clean and modern-looking contact form on the contact page. Your customers will be able to contact you with a click of a button.

An email will be automatically sent to your clients with a customized “thank you” message. An email will also be sent to the designated email address with the contact form details. This will give your business a professional and organized method of communication.

Appointment Booking
Your customers will have the option to book an appointment right from your website, offering your customers convenience and your business more automation.

Your new appointment booking system can either be built-in or integrated to a third party platform you already use. These appointments can be synced with Google and Outlook calendars. You will also be able to charge your customers at the time of booking, securing payments online instantly in your account.

Bonus Features

Every Hair Salon website we design is customized to our clients’ specifications.

We work with you to help make sure your content has everything it needs to hit the right notes for your customers and for search engines.

Social Media Integration
Your website will be integrated with all of your social media platforms for your customers to share with their friends or connect with you.

Your website will be designed to stress on your customers’ reviews and to invite your new customers to leave their own testimonials or reviews.

Email Marketing
We will design your website to offer your customers the option to opt in for newsletters or exclusive promotions. A great, free, marketing channel.

Unlimited Pages
Whether you’d prefer one page or 20, we do not limit your website or charge additional for any extra pages. The sky is the limit.

Included is a 1-hour training session on updating and maintaining website content, adding pages and more. Saving you unnecessary monthly costs.